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Ok, don’t hate me because I have a LIFE… November 20, 2007

Well, well, well… look at what the cat dragged in! Oh, and you too? Anyway, I know I’ve been M.I.A. – can you blame me? Seriously…

Well, I’ve been a bad, bad girl. I’ve been to about 2 playdates without posting anything afterwards. Shame on me… I did visit this site afterwards. I was just too lazy to click the “post now” button.

To do a quick recap of the playdates, I went to two different parks in the same week. I had an awesome experience at the first one, even though there was sand all over the place. If someone wants to play a sweet, sadistic joke on the “fat mom”, that would be it. Trudging through sand after your hyper toddler is just wrong. You can just imagine me ‘running’ through it. Well, I didn’t actually run – to anywhere – but still. The thought alone makes me want to grab another donut. Not to mention the great fun I experienced when I had to bang my sons shoes against the pavement to get all the dirt out. YAY!!!

The second park was also a lot of fun – for the three seconds we were actually there. See, that’s the funny thing about maps and directions. You spend about 30 minutes looking up the location, you click on the conveniently-placed “map to this direction” button, you spend another 15 minutes ogling over the screen… *click* – *click* – *click*…. PERFECT! You print the colored map with its turn-by-turn directions and hit the road like a pro.

Then you get lost.

Where the hell are you? WHY isn’t that little off-road on your map? In fact, where is the main road on your map? SO, needless to say, I got lost. Then I call my husband. What a lapse of judgement on my part. One would figure that a man who spends his workdays on the road would know how to read a map and instruct me on where to go – especially since I backtracked and waited, ever so patient with a 2 year old in the backseat. But no. I had to call a friend from the playgroup who had more knowledgeable sense (aka. NO technical software whatsoever) than my husband with the $1,200 laptop sitting in front of his face and a Google map. Oh yea, I had a BLAST going in the opposite direction everytime I asked my husband where to go! He got the added thrill of hearing me shout ludicrously at him before hearing the dial tone when I hung up on him to call my friend back – three times.

*sigh* …the joys of motherhood. That’s why tonight I’m going solo. Yes, the highly sought-after “parent downtime”, or in my case, the MNO (mom’s night out). I’ll write a post about that later on… I’m sure it’ll be WILD! Anything that requires me looking after a bunch of drunken peers (hee hee hee – you guys know I love you) instead of my own child is sure to be trouble. But oh, what fun! *wink*


Playdate #2: The Park September 26, 2007

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This playdate is from last week. Now that was a lot of fun! This was officially my first outing out with the kids by myself, and I have to admit I had been psyching myself out for nothing.

I packed the diaper bag the night before so there wouuld be a minimal chance of me getting there late. I even google-mapped and printed the directions the night before too.

Now my toddler usually sleeps until 9a, so you can imagine my surprise when he comes strolling into my bedroom at 7am. I figured it was a “sign” and got up to make him breakfast. You can’t beat oatmeal as a good morning meal!

Got them both showered and dressed, loaded them both into the car, and we were off.

Wow. Did I bring the kids with me? *look at the back seat* Yep… they’re there. I was shocked, thrilled, excited – AMAZED – that they were both calm, quiet, and collected. I blame my husband for their crying all the other times we’ve gone out. I mean, he must not have given the baby enough milk before loading him into the car or something! And believe me, I’ve tried this newfound technique various times now and it actually works. What a phenomenon… you feed your child enough to satisfy him and he’ll stay quiet throughout the whole car ride – to AND from even!

So anyway, I was the first at the playdate – a park this time. I was afraid Victor wouldn’t want to play if he saw a bunch of kids hanging out in there, but by being the first one’s there – he had the park to himself and instantly wanted to play.

I must say, I’m so proud of my little man for the independence he showed. He did hog someone else’s ball, but then he opened up and started to share. Can’t blame him, it’s his first time at a park with other kids like that. And he’s only 2 years old…

I even got a treat when I got home and he had dozed off in the back seat. He NEVER naps throughout the day. It must of been about 1:15pm or so. THANK YOU playdate! …and thanks for the help my friend gave me by loading Victor into the car.

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