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* Get to know Me September 26, 2007

Oh wow. You mean I get a whole page to talk about moi?! And you think people will want to read it? I mean, come on, they can only stand so much from me already. *indignant sigh* well, if you insist… *egotistical smirk*

About me… about me… hm. Well, I was born in Puerto Rico. I was only there until I was 6 years old. People would ask me to speak in english and you know, I’d do it. I was born intelligent you know. “Wishy wishy wishy wishy…” That meant, “I can speak in english and you can’t”

So then my parents dragged my ass to Florida. Deltona to be exact. I don’t remember how long I lived here. All I have in my brain are tidbits of info. and fragments of holidays and occassions.

I was dragged off again. This time to Spring Hill, FL. OMG, can someone say “old fart country”? Because let me tell you that if you want your children to experience no fun whatsoever, you move them to old fart country. I was so under-socialized, and so in awe of the whole “more teens than old farts on the road” ratio, that when I was dragged once again to Orlando I felt like my eyes had been opened and I was experiencing a whole different culture. Man, now that was scary. Drag me off to Orlando just so my brother can go to UCF (which he never finished by the way)… I went from a 500-kid school to a 5,000 one! What once used to be a ridiculously LONG 5 minute ‘break’ between classes was now a 15 minute trek across fields, sidewalks, and concrete terrain. At first I hated this new “world”. I mean, after getting used to the old fart pace your heart skips a beat with so much excitement all at once… where’s my pacer?

I remember wanting this new-found world all to myself (plus I couldn’t stand my parents telling me what to do), so I moved out of my house at age 20 or so.

I met my soon-to-be-husband a little after that. Throw in marriage, some crazy life situations, 2 dogs, 2 kids, and some crazy ass family and you get me as I am today.

Lucky you. *wink*

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    And I love this theme – I can’t figure out how to upload an outside theme onto WordPress yet. Duh, huh?


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