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My romance-novel life… October 19, 2007

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Somehow I don’t know how I got here, but when I think about life as a romance novel, I quickly realize that in the beginning we could only be described as follows:

  • Victor Luis (my husband) – a devilishly handsome rake with a comedic disposition, a sly smile, and roaming eyes. He’s never still in hopes of evading responsibility.
  • Linnette (myself, of course) – an untamed beauty of pure innocence, lady-like in disposition although stubborn, persistant, and with a hellfire attitude. Her zest for life is unmatched.

I guess our roles changed because now we have been cast as something totally different:

  • Victor Luis (my husband) – a reformed rake who realizes his lust for women could never compare to his one true love, although let me tell ya’, that up until recently, he would re-test that theory
  • Linnette (myself, of course) – innocence gone and emotions worn. Although she still loves her handsome rake, she has subdued herself into a certain role of weary familiarity. Hellfire attitude still intact, but somewhat tamed.

Now… if only I could bring back that innocence, wouldn’t life just be grand? I guess I can add two bouncing baby boys into that mix. And probably a crazy mother in law and some over-bearing / well-meaning parents to boot.


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