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Requested: “Mom’s Weekend Out…” September 26, 2007

Today the playgroup had an MNO. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a Mom’s Night Out. Yes, I know, most of you won’t know what even those words mean. At least not until your child is old enough not to burn the house down or get into any other trouble when left alone. What age is that… when they move out of your house?

I didn’t go of course. It was too expensive for me tonight. I could spend a whole day at Disney (by myself mind you) for the price of one plate at that place… anyway, don’t mind me, I’m just jealous because I wish I could dish out the money that easily. Not that I’d feel guilty spending it… but I wouldn’t have that money for the other important stuff. You know… gas, bills, diapers, and the second pair of brand new $30 boots I bought off eBay.

Anyway, talk about being tired, overworked, and never paid. My daily “job” shift is usually, oh, I’d say 7am to 12midnite, with the usual (& expected) 2-4 times of night duty thrown into the blender and pureed into a crazy concoction called my life.

I have never felt so abused in my life. I have bruises in places I didn’t even know I could bruise. (Thanks to the toddler standing on my back as I type… LITERALLY).

To top off my day, my “lovely” mother-in-law is a certified NUT CASE and my husband is apparently the only child out of three who can ever go be with her. I mean, she only had three children, raised them, paid for all their clothes, food, education, kept them out of harm’s way (for the most part)… is now currently funding my brother-in-law’s drug addiction and my sister-in-law’s ‘open-legs’ policy, but why should they take time out of their busy schedules to be with her right? I’m just a selfish, raving lunatic I guess… why would I get mad at my husband for visiting the only mother he has who won’t even give him money for a gallon of milk? Shame on me.

I’m in PAIN and PISSED. But not to worry because Super Mommy will have revenge!

Can anyone repeat after me and say “Moms Weekend Out”?


3 Responses to “Requested: “Mom’s Weekend Out…””

  1. beccasmommy Says:

    omg! i so thought i was reading my own diary! youre so awesome! bless us women for standing so strong!

  2. jackieharvey Says:

    You deserve a mom’s week out after all of that. Kudos to you and other moms. Where do you get your energy?

  3. euphrosyne1115 Says:

    Two words: Spa. Weekend. Seriously, you can’t be neglecting yourself – sometimes it DOES have to be all about you, or “you” gets lost. I’m enjoying your blog, and when I’m not in dial-up hell (visiting my mom’s, which in every other way is paradise), I want to check out your cafemom link. I’m going to try to get to Starbuck’s this evening for a little WiFi time… keep writing!


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