The Playdate Diaries

Trying to stay sane in my 2-kid world…

Playdate #1: The Mall September 26, 2007

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This was actually over two months ago or so – silly me.

Yes, well… I love being able to get to places on time. At least only 15 minutes late – TOPS.

Let me just point out here that I HATE depending on others to get to places. Needless to say, I was given a little lee-way from my playgroup in regards to making my first appearance because I had just pushed out a 10lb. 8oz. baby with no medications whatsoever. So I get up 2 hours early to get the kids and myself ready… only to get there an hour late – you know, when the playdate itself is actually over.

What a great first impression.

Oh, what? The playdate? Yea, it was a mall play area thing we all did. Operative words being “we all did”. I ended up purchasing some toys for my son and then eating in the food court with a fellow playdate mommy – and friend. *sigh* oh well, maybe next time…


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