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Playdate #3: The Puppet Show September 26, 2007

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This happened yesterday. It was officially our 2nd playdate but who’s counting right? (Did I mention I wrote in the wrong date on my calendar and showed up the day before that too? You can imagine my surprise when the girl at the counter had NO clue why I was there…)

I took the husband with me. And thank God I did! The venue was awesome. The price was really good too. We even got a discounted group rate. WOO HOO! The only gripe I had was that my toddler wanted to leave because he had seen ‘car’ toys on his way into the theater. How annoying. I don’t like to take them both with me to the mall by myself. Obviously because I’d end up like I have in the past – chasing down a toddler with a 15.5lbs baby flailing in my arms and my shirt riding up to show the world my beautiful fat. No thank you.

We got to see the Wizard of Oz. The kids were too cute, dancing around to the music and clapping along. Some got scared of the ugly, evil witch and I “awwwww’d” to that fact. The best part of these playdates of course is the fast-food. Ha ha ha… no seriously, it is. I get to excuse myself from any diet for the sake of my kids being able to eat after some serious playing. One of the perks of playdates I guess.

entrance.jpg  pre-show.jpg  1dorothysfamily.jpg  4notinkansasanymore.jpg  5yellowbrickroad.jpg


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